Outdoor Training Classes

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We have a large field at Brodie castle for a range of different classes and workshops throughout the year on weekdays and weekends both during the day and evenings. Presently, we are running classes for puppy, adolescent and adult dogs. We cover recall, loose lead work, self control exercises and manners training for everyday life skills. We use training methods that help you have a stronger relationship with your dog built on trust, with the use of fun scent games and low level equipment. During the summer we run the Agility for Fun course. We also can offer this service for one to one sessions, this is aimed for dogs that may find a class environment with other dogs too stressful.

Saturday Afternoon Class - Outdoor Happy Tail Improvers Class- Brodie Castle

23rd September,
11th November

Six week course

Dogs over 8 months old, no upper age limit.

1.30pm- 3pm

This is for dogs over 8 months old and has no upper age limit.
Your dog has to be social with other dogs.

We do recall exercises to help improve this, real life training to help when around people and other dogs, and this course includes the use of a low level confidence course to help with focus and attention.

We have a variable and exciting obstacle course every week to keep you on your toes, and your dog keen to keep learning. We are focused on providing a relaxed atmosphere, with flexible goals for each individual. Our priority is making you and your dog the best team you can be, communicating efficiently and working together.

You will learn new skills to help your dog trust and bond with you when training them. You will be given little tasks each week to do with your dog to earn your rosette at the end of the six week course. If you have already done a indoor class with tail talk this would be a good one to try next as you will have the outdoor environment to work with like in a real life situation. If you have never been to a tail talk class this may be a good starting point or at the indoor class at Lossiemouth or Dyke may be an option. if your dog is over eight months old, please contact for more information about the best thing for your dog's individual needs.

Coming back Spring 2017

Agility for Fun is aimed at all dogs over the age of 18 mths. If your dog is a giant breed, they will have to be over 2 years old.

Agility is an action packed fun sport, excitement for you and your dog. We will be using various obstacles for them to go through, jump, weave and use their balancing skills. This six week block of classes is Agility fun, it is all about trying something new together, it is not aimed for competition level Agility. We will start off with some basic exercises to help your dogs self control, body awareness and coordination which will help with their balance skills. Then introduce the equipment and jumps slowly each week, ending up with them doing a marked course. We want you to have a nice experience and bond with your dog using the obstacles and tunnels in a safe and controlled manner. We look at taking each bit of equipment slowly and building confidence each week. You will learn some new handling skills with your dog to create a stronger understanding and trust for each other. You will have fun with your friend, trying out the different exercises each week. As you will be using equipment and running with the dogs at some points in this six week course, we prefer the dogs to be fully grown. This is for dogs of any breed who will enjoy it . They do need to be social for the class with both dogs and people. I do offer one to one Agility for fun sessions for all dogs that may find a group class environment stressful.

Outdoor Classes - Brodie Castle field