Happy Tail Improvers Class

This class is for dogs over 8 months of age. There is no upper age limit.
The limit of dogs is six, so you all get the help needed from our team.
Training should be stress free and enjoyable for both you and your dog. We look at ways of helping dogs learn in a relaxed way using only up to date methods. This class is for dogs to learn basic skills and improve on any skills learnt. We try to carefully match dogs in the class, so they can learn together in a calm environment. We look at loose lead walking, recall, handling and skills to help you with every day real life situations. Using games and giving the dogs breaks, we hope to make this experience a nice one for all concerned.

The course is £60.00 for six weeks.
8pm - 9pm – Wednesday evenings in the Sports and Social club function hall - Lossiemouth.

Dachshound Dog