Laura Allen

Two Dogs Resting Laura Amina

Dog walker and Class Assistant- Laura currently runs her dog walking business and assists Susan with the Puppy Life Skill Classes.

I have the best job in the world; in fact it is almost wrong to call it a job as it is pure pleasure!

I retired from the Royal Air Force after 25 years service and this has enabled me to do something that gives me great pleasure. What could be nicer than spending time in the countryside or on the beach with a canine companion? I have had dogs all my adult life and enjoy the activity of walking with a dog and making sure that it has as much fun and enjoyment as I do.

I am the proud owner of three dogs, Josie a seven year old collie and Foxy also seven but a kelpie cross and Bertie a young male German Shepherd. All of them are rescue dogs and two of them have behavioural issues which with Susan’s help we are working through. Josie is a typical collie and I am the only human she trusts although she is coming round to Susan! Foxy is my page 3 girl as her story was featured in the Sun newspaper after she had been found living rough in an abandoned foxes den with her seven puppies.

They are both very active dogs and I enjoy walking them in the surrounding area. I run every morning in the woods with Josie mainly to keep myself fit, as she is a very active breed she enjoys it too. We do have calmer walks together which involve scent work and controlled retrieve games. Foxy gets rid of her energy by enjoying walks in the woods pretending to be a meercat, walking upright on her back legs whilst screaming at the top of her voice if she sees anything that shouldn’t (in her opinion!) be there. She also enjoys scent games which do help her to relax in the scary outside world.

Bertie who was first introduced to me via facebook!  A friend posted a picture of a 4month old puppy who had been abandoned in her area, he had an injury to his leg which was possibly the reason for his abandonment.  I spoke to my friend and offered him a home if it was possible as he was currently in Riyadh Saudi Arabia!  Several months later and after the removal of his damaged leg he came over to me.  He had a lump on his remaining back paw which had to be removed which caused a few problems as he wasn't allowed exercise and needed to keep of his foot which is difficult when you only have three feet.  We managed to get through that and he is now settling in fine with the girls.  He is now enjoying getting fit with all his walks in the forests and woods and on the beach and in the local parks which I am sure he finds so different to the desert from where he came.

In March Amina came to live with us all. She came from Riyadh like Bertie. Also not without her own problems, she too has had a leg removed but that does not hold her back. She is a noisy little girl who just loves to play with any toy so long as one of the other dogs has it at the time! Her special friend is Foxy and they are often curled up together in her crate.